Month of the Military Child

Principally Speaking….

We spread the word; April – Month of the Military child!!!

Here at Forrestal, we are a joint community that brings together military children and civilian children. Our military students bring to Forrestal a wealth of experiences from faraway lands to next door neighbors. It is through the interactions of our military students and our neighbor students that we work together to maintain an environment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

During times of uncertainties, our military students have proven to be resilient and determine to be united as one- having the same needs as any other child. As our military students are deployed from one distant place to another, we see them for what they have given to enlighten our path, experiences and friendships.

Our military students come and go, leaving impressions that will remain with us for a lifetime. A military child is no different than another child, however their life experiences have proven to be an experience that have countless words and unimaginable pictures to express their reality. A reality that can only be lived through the sacrifice of a loved one who is on a mission to maintain freedom for our country.

This month Forrestal Falcons can rightly say, “We are the only bird that has travel to all 7 continents”. Much like the Life of a Military Child!!!

– Principal Mitchell

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